Madagascar is so different from the rest of the world that it is sometimes called ‘The Eighth Continent’. Not only does it have the high level of endemism (species not found elsewhere) that is typical of an island, but it also boasts remarkable diversity, which for some groups approaches that more typical of a whole continent. Madagascar is the land of lemurs, a radiation of our own primate order that evolved into exhilarating diversity on this island. These endearing creatures are the ambassadors for Malagasy nature; many people who have no idea where this island is located immediately recognize the Ring-tailed Lemur. Madagascar is also a land of fabulous birds, ancient reptile lineages, and six of the world’s nine species of baobabs. All naturalists find Madagascar fascinating as a treasure-trove of biodiversity and a ‘laboratory of evolution’, much like the Galápagos but on a grander scale. And for travelling naturalists, Madagascar is a ‘must-visit’ place. Although Madagascar has long been known for birds and mammals, its reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants are just as unique. Travel to Madagascar in order to discover the natural beauty of the great big island requires a few visits to the national parks with us “HT Agency Tours”, your travel agency in madagascar and tour operator madagascar (tour company in madagascar). In general, madagascar has 23 national parks and 17 nature reserves. Madagascar National Parks is a Malagasy association of private law, recognized as a public utility and operating under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment, Ecology, Sea and Forests. The mission of madagascar national parks is to establish, maintain and manage in a sustainable way the national network of Parks and Reserves, representative of the biological diversity and the natural heritage specific to Madagascar. Live your best experience with your tour operator in madagascar (tour company in madagascar).



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