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Madagascar has 146 listed sites and monuments which only 27 have been restored up to now. Some are now part of the world heritage, such as: The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, The Tsingy of Bemaraha, The cliffs and caves of Isandra or, The Hidden Country Mahafaly.

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Madagascar luxury safari tour
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  • ANTANANARIVO (La Capitale): The Plateaux du rova, The Memorial Temples, The Antsahadinta Hill, The Falls of Tsinjoarivo, The Mountain of Tsiafajavona, The vestiges of Jean Laborde in Mantasoa, The primitive vegetation of Ibity near Antsirabe, Lake Itasy.

  • ANTSIRANANA or DIEGO SUAREZ : Analamera, The Sugar Loaf, The Mountain of Amber, The Caves of Orangea, The Caves of Ankarana, The Sacre Lake of Antanavo, The Royal Palace of Ankify, The Mahavavy Falls.

  • FIANARANTSOA : The old Town, The royal tomb of Vohitsisaky, The Massif of Ifandana, The forests of Faliarivo and Ambohitsara, The Cascade of Sakaleona, The Falls of Namorona.

  • MAHAJANGA or MAJUNGA : The famous Baobab “more than centenary” of Majunga “emblem of the city”, The Andranoboka Caves, The Sacred Lake of Ampijoroa, The Sakalava cemetery of Nosy Lava, The silicified trees of Ankondromena, The burials of Bekopaka, The Manambolo Gorge.

  • TOAMASINA or TAMATAVE : The Cascades of Mangoro, The Lake Alaotra, The historical memories of Farafaty, Foulpointe, Sainte Marie and Nosy Mangabe, The pond with sacred eels from Savaiza to Vatomandry, The natural bridge of Manandra.

  • TOLIARA or TULEAR : The site of Saint Augustin, Nosy Be, The fossil deposit of Ambolisaotra, The Caves of Sarodrano.


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