Located in the south of madagascar in the Ranohira and in the Ihorombe region, the Isalo National Park extends over an area of ??81,54 ha. From 22 ° 45 ‘south and 45° 29’ west, it is served by National Road No. 7, 279 km south of Fianarantsoa, ??243 km north of Toliara, and 683 km southwest of The capital, Antananarivo, by reference to the provincial capitals.


Isalo is home to a population dominated by the Bara ethnic group, mixed with communities of various origins, who settled there because of the exploitation of sapphire in the surrounding area of ??Ilakaka. The territory is also an historically rich archaeological site, as it retains the continental plate connecting madagascar with Africa, two million years ago. A true tourist attraction for its geomorphological singularities, at the same time varied and unique in the world, it is the most visited site of the island, bearing since 1962 the name of “National Park of the Isalo”, and under the administration of the National Association for the Management of Protected Areas or ANGAP. Of rock structure that is globally shaped by the erosion of reddish mountainous sandstones dating back to the Jurassic era of 200 million years ago, extending for nearly 100 km in the north-south direction. Its varied sculptural form is a chain of deep canyons, peaks up to 200 meters high, masses of granite and rock blocks of unstable appearance. There are currently 82 species of birds, 33 reptiles, 15 amphibians, and 14 mammals including 7 primates. Among these, there are the “Maky”, the “Sifaka”, and the “Varika”. As far as tourists are concerned, the main attractions are the pedestrian routes which, from the outset, are reminiscent of a decorative façade of the Far West. The Isalo House, Interpretation Center and compulsory point of purchase of the entrance ticket, located 9 km from the village of Ranohira, allows you to view a wide range of main sightseeing tours.



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