Red-bellied Lemur

Red-bellied Lemur Eulemur rubriventer of Madagascar

DISTRIBUTION: Widespread in eastern rainforest, although absent from Masoala Peninsula.
ID: Male has a reddish-brown body and bold white ‘teardrop’ marks on its face. Female has a pale belly and less distinct ‘teardrops’. Both sexes have a black tail, and are more reddish in overall coloration than other brown lemurs.
VOICE: Rising, quizzical “whooey” that sounds like some calls of Common Myna (page 176). Also gives quiet grunts and a series of pure, whistled notes.
BEHAVIOUR: Similar to Brown Lemur, although generally more retiring and difficult to see.
WHERE TO SEE: Ranomafana NP, including along the main trails. Also occurs in Andasibe- Mantadia NP, but much less common there.


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