Red-fronted Brown Lemur

Red-fronted Brown Lemur Eulemur rufifrons of Madagascar

Bamboo lemurs are members of the ‘true lemur’ family, all of which are active during the day. As their name suggests, bamboo lemurs eat bamboo and are usually found in stands of it. Three of the six Malagasy species are covered here.
DISTRIBUTION: Fairly common though local both in eastern rainforest and western dry forest, in the southern half of Madagascar.
ID: Male has a bright rufous patch on top of the head and a greyish back. Female is brownish with dull rufous on the head. In the east, occurs alongside Red-bellied Lemur, which is darker red-brown overall, with a black tail, and a different facial pattern. In Tsingy de Bemaraha NP, replaced by the very similar Rufous Brown Lemur Eulemur rufus (not illustrated).
VOICE: Similar to Brown Lemur.
BEHAVIOUR: Similar to Brown Lemur.
WHERE TO SEE: Ranomafana, often along the main road through the national park. Also common in Kirindy Forest. Red-fronted Brown Lemur and Red-collared Brown Lemur Eulemur collaris (not illustrated) have both been introduced to Berenty, where they hybridize.


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