Located 34 km from Antsiranana to Mangaoko and Ampasindava, Hara National Park belongs to the coastal and marine ecoregion of northern and western of Madagascar. With its 125,471 ha, this archipelago of coral islets offers a variety of habitats with coral reefs, mangroves, herbaceous areas : “Tsingy”. There are also nesting sites and feeding areas of endangered species such as dugong, sea turtles, and fishing eagles, and the only place where Brookesia Micra lives. It also includes a large area of sustainable development for responsible fisheries.


Located at the park’s reception desk, your gift and souvenir gift shop, such as cups, sarongs and local produce, is open for you during the park’s opening hours.

Brief Information about Circuits

The terrestrial part of the park also holds treasures of biodiversity and unexpected landscapes.
– Tsingy Mitsiry circuit: 3 km, you have the chance to explore rarities of exceptional “Tsingy” in growth phase, pachypodium forests, canyons forests, dry lake, fishing caves, the famous eagles fisherman, one of the 7 rarest raptors in the world.
– Brookesia Micra circuit: 700m, this circuit allows to discover the smallest chameleon in the world, Brookesia Micra in the canyon forest of the park. This tour ends with a panoramic view of the Amber Mountain.

Particularity of the park

In the open sea of Nosy Hara, many activities of discovery are offered to you: the unprecedented diving in Lalandakana and Nosy Hara, extraordinary islets and essential of the park to discover the splendor of its marine fauna via the presence of the beautiful coral reefs the Mozambique Channel, a playground for pelagic fish.

– the observation of sea turtles: the park is home to 5 species of sea turtles, including green turtles and hawksbill turtles that come to nest.
– The tour of the islets: this detour allows tour operators to appreciate the beauty of the karst cliff walls standing in the middle of the sea. This trip will remind you of Christopher Columbus’s trip.


279 species of coral fish, 108 species of corals, 3 species of sponges, 54 species of molluscs, 5 species of marine turtles, whales (migratory) and dolphins, 30 species of bird including the eagle fisherman, 18 species reptiles including brookesia micra, the smallest chameleon in the world and Acrantophis madagascariensis.

How to get there?

– Flight: Antananarivo – Antsiranana then take a star from the port to Nosy Hara.
– Car: Antananarivo RN4 then ambondromamy RN6 – antsiranana.
– Taxi brousse: Antananarivo (bus station of Andohatapenaka) – Antsiranana (every day) you have to come very early to the station in the morning to leave early.
Ticket sales points in the park are:
– At Diego’s office on the road to the airport in Morafeno
– In Ampasindava office, on Nosy Hara island – at the office in Madirokitamby

Source: Madagascar National Park


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