White-fronted Brown Lemur

White-fronted Brown Lemur Eulemur albifrons of Madagascar

Brown lemurs are a large genus (Eulemur) within the ‘true lemur’ family, and include some of the lemur species most frequently seen by visitors. There are 12 species, of which eight are covered in this guide. Brown lemurs are medium-sized, vocal, and generally found in groups. Unusually for lemurs, the male and female of most species have obviously different coloration. They are generally diurnal, but can also be active at night. Fruit is their most important food, although other plant parts and small animals are also eaten. This is another group in which the number of species has increased in recent years, due to the recognition of several species that were formerly considered subspecies of Brown Lemur.
DISTRIBUTION: Rainforest in the northeast, with distribution centred on Maroantsetra.
ID: The male has a mostly white head and is unmistakable, although the female is drabber. This is the only brown lemur likely to be seen in most of the sites where they occur.
VOICE: Similar to Sanford’s Brown Lemur.
BEHAVIOUR: Similar to Sanford’s Brown Lemur.
WHERE TO SEE: Fairly common on Nosy Mangabe, on Masoala, and in Marojejy NP.


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