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Since long time ago, our very first organized group tour & private travel packages, our main target has been to connect travelers with the local community on a deeper level. These connections go beyond the personal to help give back to the wider community of your destination and ensure that the people who live there get as much as they can give. It's easy to make world better, all you have to do is arrange one of your time in your life and focus on your dream, discover the world and enjoy nature.

Live the unique experience

Be comfortable

Multi-story hotel behemoths? Not on our trip. Travel with connectivity, beauty and authenticity that can only be found in local accommodation, transport and local restaurants. On the other end, this also allows us to stay in a luxury lodges, hotels and eat at restaurants with fewer people, this is why our group tour & travel packages are focused on a small volume of travelers. In addition, using local service providers helps support the local economy and people who make our destinations so unique.

Rehabilitation of local communities

We are consistently building our journeys by constructing meaningful bonds with local communities, which directly benefits the individuals and places we visit, including aboriginal peoples. Today, our definition has grown: the communities we attend movement far farther our destinations. For us, that includes employees, suppliers and partners, diminutive commerce owners, customers, social followers and travelers like you. there exist amazing power in something larger than yourself. Opt for a group tour & travel packages by choosing your destination.

Large choices of group tour & travel packages

HT provides several packages for a group tour & travel packages departure in several coutries. Wander is about possessing the independence to track your passions and notice the unknown. Whatever your wander style, our itineraries equilibrium well-planned wander with the opportunity to accomplish your own thing and investigate for yourself. From elective business activities to free time.

Few group tour & travel packages

We have tons of group tour & travel packages for real adventures. No, really. A visit for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues at work who really like to study nature. First trip and want to see all the highlights ? I understand that. Heading to your seventh account and want to be treated like a seasoned wanderer? Got that too. 10 unique travel accessories based on what you like or how you want to travel.

Customize and tailor your trip

Group tours & travel experience

Enjoy the last moments of your trip by customizing it to your liking. Add exciting optional activities to your trip such as hiking, local cooking classes, or helicopter flights depending on your destination. Need more time to check ? Book pre- or post-trip accommodation before or after your visit. Or let us give you an introduction of a day or less on one of our daily tours ; group tour & travel packages.

Share free time

Whether you want to explore on your own or maybe just need a little sleep (it depends on the best of us), the trail has plenty of time to let you do your thing. Enjoy a real adventure by being part of an organized group tour & private travel packages for a specific departure. Everything can be customized at your convenience, tailor-made according to your requirements.

Aim high

Group tours & travel experience

Live the adventure with us, organized group tour & private travel packages, you’ll find that our commitment to making travel a force for good goes beyond words on our website ; it’s in everything we do. HT Agency Tours will give at your disposal the best services ever, environmental and ethical benefits we create as a company that helps promote community tourism. Our efforts to protect and preserve the environment are based on two approaches: Acting Responsibly, which is our commitment to improve the sustainability of our own operations, and Creating Positive Impact, which focuses on prevention the possible consequences in the places we visit.

How many people can join a group tour & travel packages

Group tours & travel experience

We always keep our group sizes small so you have the freedom to move around and participate in your surroundings, as well as personal attention from local leaders. This intimate size ensures that your group will not interfere with your experience. You can expect 8 to 16 passengers on a trip but the average is 10. See each trip page for maximum group size for a group tour & travel packages.

What clothes should I bring on one of your trips?

We always recommend packing as light as possible but your specific requirements will vary depending on where and when you travel. Our ‘Trip Details’ document contains a list of recommended packages and can be downloaded from the trip summary page. The list is specific and based on the experience of the ground staff.

Is HT Agency Tours helping with my visa?

Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality and destination. Although we cannot arrange a visa for you, we have provided links on the “Resources” page to websites that will help you determine whether a visa is needed. If you need a visa, you can arrange them or use the services of a travel or visa processing company.

Is there any recommended vaccinations for traveling with HT Agency Tours ?

For each destination, we always provide the most important vaccinations and recommanded for. Its important that you get the greatest precise and modern wander facts for the place you’ll be visiting. The only person capable to contribute you this advice is your family physician or a consultant from a wander vitality hospital. Our “Resources” sheet offers can lead to multiple blogs with vitality data. However, these blogs are not a substitute for personalized consultation with a medical expert.

Do your group tour & travel packages include international and domestic airfare?

Passengers come from all over the world to travel on our trips and it is not possible to include international airfare in the price. We are more than happy to help you arrange flights. Just ask for an airline quotation when booking. On the other end, for group tour & travel packages we always includ the domestic flight, HT Agency Tours takes care of all local transportation.

What are the age restrictions on your group tour & private travel packages?

To wander independently on a group tour & private travel packages, you ought to be at fewest 18 decades old. there’s no upper age restrain for vast majority our tours(although the 18 to Thirty tour is itsy-bitsy to 18 to 39 year olds) . Also, travelers with pre-existing health issues need to conclude a medical questionnaire. Family Adventures is begin to families with kids between the ages of 6 and 17. classic(non-family) tours are begin to kids 12 duration of age and older when accompanied by a parent(minimum of two kids per adult) . The restrain of two kids per adult does not implement to Family encounteres.

As a solo traveler, do I need to pay extra for group tour & private travel packages?

If you are part of group tour & private travel packages, youp ay the same rate as specified on the brochure. This means the accommodation is split into two and, if you are traveling alone, you will be sharing a room with other travelers of the same sex. Some tours have optional extras. Means a single supplement is required for a private single room. Our service allows solo travelers to request their own room during the tour. Fares and details vary by trip, so please visit each trip’s summary page for more information.

Is the list of hotels provided in advanced for a group tour & private travel packages?

From the start to the end for any group tour & private travel packages, hotels are listed on the travel voucher and in the travel documents. We use a variety of hotels along the way and therefore a complete list of hotels will not be available until the first day of your tour. If your family needs contact information, or in an emergency, call +261342000198, this number is always available 24/24 and 7/7. If our office is closed, please refer to this emergency phone number which is also found in the travel document.

Can I join a tour or leave early?

It is very difficult if not impossible to join any group tour & private travel packages once it has started. It is possible to leave the tour early but you are responsible for your own arrangements from the time you decide to leave the tour. You are also responsible for any fees associated with late check-in or early departure. If you feel it is necessary, contact a HT Agency Tours Specialist before booking your trip.

Is airport transfer included for any of your group tour & private travel packages?

All of our group tour & private travel packages do include an airport transfer and therefore we advise you to arrange a taxi upon your arrival if you plan not to use our transfer service. This must be specified on your email (this is the most economical and efficient way to get you to your hotel). If you prefer a pre-arranged transfer, these usually have an additional cost – please contact us for more information. Some of our experiences include arrival transfers – departure transfers can be arranged locally at an additional cost from the final hotel.

What about ground transportation ?

As specified above, we provide all local transportation way for all group tour & private travel packages. Particular transport details could be found on the bound summary sheet but in more importantly cases we make use of public transport. we have discovered that how you get there has a big affect on the mood of your roam and that public transport enables you to converse straight to locals. several of our adventures use personal transport, comprising “Superior”, “Comfort Class” and more importantly adventurous.

What is the best type of luggage to carry on a group tour & private travel packages ?

We strongly recommend that you bring a bag or backpack, as it can be difficult and difficult to store a suitcase in the bus, under the seat, or on the top, down the stairs of the hotel. Wheeled suitcases may not perform well on dirt or rocky roads. As for at any group tour & private travel packages, we always recommend lite luggage, if we use bus as transportation, there must be a lot of luggage. To avoid overweight, lite stuff is recommended.

Who’s gonna be my trip companion if I travel alone in a group tour & private travel packages?

Because of personalized reasons, we’re unable to furnish you with approach explains of your wander companions. However, our tours allure numerous tourists. They have an adventurous spirit and want to encounter these places on a core level. Our tours are carried out in English language. They allure numerous travelers from North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. For a group tour & private travel packages with HT Agency Tours, you are able to ask for who will be your travel companion before the tour gets started.

Is it possible to book an extra night at the hotel before or after my visit?

Yes, in more importantly cases we may arrange extra agreement at the beginning or ending hotel. Please call a HT Agency Tours consultant for pricing details or see “Hotels, Transfers & municipality Breaks” on our household sheet. If we cannot give you the additional night, we’ll give you the forename of the hotel you may call straight. As an additional conclusion that extra nights need to be booked exterior of 30 days of deviation. Moreover in a group tour & private travel packages, everything is arranged many days before the tour get started.

Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget for?

Tips are not included in the tour price and tipping is entirely at your discretion. Our documentation includes revenue and can be found on each trip’s summary page.

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