Why Madagascar

Famous for the lemurs, paradise in terms of beaches, primary forest, beautiful landscapes, and amazing marine life. Madagascar is an irresistible destination for adventurers and wildlife lovers. Shrouded in legend, the Indian Ocean Island separated from the supercontinent Gondwana 90 million years ago, and has remained isolated ever since, evolving into one of the world's last frontiers. It is also one of the most diverse places on earth. All known as endemic species of animals and plants on earth are found here, and only here. From unique archipelagos and historic cities to stunning national parks and incredible hotels that make your travel so luxury. If you ever been in Madagascar, here are some reasons that will make your decision.

Outstanding Madagascar

The capital of Madagascar

Antananarivo is the national capital and home to most travellers in Madagascar. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. There are no tourist attractions to speak of in Antananarivo. A city that two million people call home. For some it is part of its appeal. Madagascar luxury travel. Tana has been the seat of Malagasy power for three centuries and there’s plenty of history and culture to discover, and it’s Madagascar’s culinary hotspot as restaurant meets.


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For a Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour

Antananarivo is the national capital and home to most travellers in Madagascar. In the major part of the situation, Antananarivo is the first destination town you spend night once you land in Madagascar. There are no tourist attractions to speak of in Antananarivo – a city that two million people call home – but for some it is part of its appeal. Madagascar luxury travel. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Even though the capital of Madagascar does not boast the skills of the European capital or the size of other capitals in the world, it is wrong to ignore the capital because it is unique city. Tana has been the seat of Malagasy power for three centuries and there’s plenty of history and culture to discover, and it’s Madagascar’s culinary hotspot as restaurant meets.


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Dive with whale sharks

If you are fans of diving, Nosy be is one of the incredible tourist destinations. Especially for diving. The coral reefs around Madagascar have not suffered the damage that has occurred on many tropical islands. You are an avid diver or snorkeler. Madagascar offers world-class diving opportunities. Especially in the small islands of Nosy Be. Ile Sainte Marie on the east coast. In general, the islands of on the South West coast. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. The reef is home to Indo-Pacific fish species such as clown fish, angel fish, trigger fish, surgeon fish and grouper. Madagascar luxury travel. Of particular note is the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the deep blue waters of Nosy Be. A very exciting and unique event not to be missed when visiting the country.


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Rain forest (Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour)

The Eastern Rainforest consists of six national parks spread across the eastern side of the island. These heritage forests are essential for maintaining the ecological processes necessary for the survival of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity, which reflects the geological history of the island. After being separated from all other lands more than 90 million years ago, life and animals were separated in Madagascar. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. A very exciting and unique event not to be missed when visiting the country.Tropical forests are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their importance in ecological and biological processes as well as biodiversity and endangered species.


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Isalo NP makes de difference

Madagascar’s most popular nature destination (due to its easy access from the RN7). Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Isalo National Park sits amidst the Jurassic-era highlands of the country’s southwest. Established in 1962, it protects over 80,000 hectares of land dominated by a spectacular sandstone massif. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. It has been eroded by time and weather into an otherworldly collection of plateaus, canyons, gorges and pinnacles. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Iron and mineral deposits color the rock formations in a colorful rainbow, while the impressive rocky plateaus, peaks and walls of Isalo hide an oasis of waterfalls, dense forests and fringed grasslands. . . . of trees. unique flora and fauna. Hiking is the main attraction for visitors to Isalo, with routes ranging from a few hours to several days.



Tsingy de Bemaraha (Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour)

If you plan for a Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Do not forget the nature immersion. Tsingy is the Malagasy word for “walking on tiptoe”. And the almost impenetrable labyrinth of limestone needles they form justifies this name. Visible in several regions of Madagascar, the Tsingy are vast expanses of limestone and friable rocks made up of fossilized shells. Creating surreal and impenetrable landscapes. The immensity of the Tsingy reminds visitors of a forgotten era. Tsingy’s most famous site is the spectacular Tsingy de Bemaraha Mineral Forest, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the west coast of Madagascar.


Tsingy de Bemaraha



Lemurs remain the main purpose of discovering Madagascar. Considered the ancestor of the monkey, lemurs are a species of monkey endemic to Madagascar. And they are found in national parks. Nature reserves and the rainforest. Recognizable by its black and white ringed tail, the “maki catta” is the most popular species of lemur. It gets its name from its feline meow and purr. Other famous species include the indri whose calls wake weary travelers with a rush of excitement. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Lemurs are very intelligent animals. Some species like the Propithecus are very comfortable with humans. You will not be surprised.




The baobab is called “reniala” (“mother of the forest”) in Malagasy. The Baobab is a majestic and sacred tree of which there are eight species. Six of them grow only in Madagascar. It has been used locally for hundreds of years as a medicine and source of water. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. If the trees themselves are found around this tropical island. The hot spot – and the perfect spot for photographers. The Avenue of Baobabs in Kirindy.




Baobab Avenue (Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour)

About ten trees 30 meters high border this avenue, of the species Adansonia grandidieri, endemic to Madagascar. Baobabs, over 800 years old, known locally as renala (in Malagasy for “mother of the forest”), are a heirloom of the dense tropical forests that thrived in Madagascar. Madagascar luxury travel. Over the years, with the increase in the country’s population. Forests have been cut down for agriculture. Leaving only baobab trees. This majestic highway is lined with giant baobab trees that dominate the surrounding countryside. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour.


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Humpback whales

The amazing creatures in Madagascar don’t just stay on the ground. Visit this magical country between June and the end of September to witness one of the most spectacular shows on earth. Many whales make their annual migration from Antarctica and end up in the warm waters around the island. Madagascar luxury travel. The whales are divided into two groups. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. The best way to see whales is to hop on a speedboat with a whale watching specialist, who can take you to the best spots and provide detailed information about the whales and his behaviour.


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Amazing beach

Madagascar is best for small beaches. Thousands of miles of beaches surround it. The most beautiful beaches in the country can be found on Nosy Be. The main island of the archipelago of the same name that includes dozens of smaller islands. Located in the Mozambique channel. Near the north-west coast of Madagascar. Sugarcane and spices. This tropical paradise – complete with turquoise lakes. Long golden beaches covered in lush vegetation. And volcanic craters scattered across the lake – is a stone’s throw from Madagascar’s northwest coast. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour.


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Beach resort to make your Madagascar travel more luxurious

Miavana resort (Madagascar luxury travel)

Accessible only by helicopter from Nosy-Be or Diego Suarez, Nosy Ankao is located off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Spread over an area of 10 km², this place is the largest of the five islands of the archipelago of the same name. For travelers thirsty for adventure, Nosy Ankao is a permanent invitation to discover virgin forests, populated by lemurs. The surrounding waters conceal exceptional seabed, made up of multicolored fish, whales, turtles and corals of innumerable colors. You travel to Madagascar will be luxurious.


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Constance tsarabanjina (Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour)

Located in the northwest of Madagascar, about 40 miles from the island of Nosy Be, Tsarabanjina is one of the islets of the Mitsio archipelago. They come with their offerings (money, honey, rum…). Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Three white sand beaches Bordered the extraordinary bird colonies. Lush vegetation and surrounded by a coral reef. The region enjoys constant sunshine throughout the year. The islets of the Four Brothers, opposite Tsarabanjina. They are well known for the diving and nesting of many birds (gannets, straw tailed, frigates, etc.).


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Anjajavy (Madagascar luxury travel)

The Protected Area of Anjajavy is a component of the dry deciduous forests of Madagascar located in the Indian Ocean to the north-west of Madagascar. The Anjajavy forest surrounds the village of Anjajavy and provides habitat for many rare and endangered species. It covers about 50 square kilometers and occupies a continuous part of the peninsula on which the village of Anjajavy is located. The Majajamba Bay bounded the peninsula to the south and Narinda Bay to the north. Madagascar Luxury Travel & Tour. Anjajavy forest has a lot in common with other dry deciduous forests emerging from the Tsingy limestone formations of western Madagascar.


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