Milne-Edwards’ Sifaka Propithecus edwardsi of Madagascar

Sifaka coloration The nine species of sifaka vary from all-white (Silky) to all-black (Perrier’s), these two extremes living in fairly close geographical proximity to each other in northern Madagascar. There is also considerable colour variation within some species. The taxonomic status of the sifakas is still controversial, and some experts recognize fewer than nine species.
DISTRIBUTION: Middle- and high-elevation rainforest in the southern part of eastern Madagascar.
ID: A large, dark sifaka that cannot be confused with anything else in its range.
VOICE: Not very vocal, but makes an explosive sneezing “simpona”, which gives it its Malagasy name, and also a series of grunts and a plaintive whistle.
BEHAVIOUR: Social habits and diet similar to other sifakas. Young are born in June and July.
WHERE TO SEE: With some effort, can be found in Ranomafana NP, either on the main trails or the Vohiparara Trail.


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