Accessible only by helicopter from Nosy-Be or Diego Suarez, Nosy Ankao is located off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Spread over an area of 10 km², this place is the largest of the five islands of the archipelago of the same name. For travelers thirsty for adventure, Nosy Ankao is a permanent invitation to discover virgin forests, populated by lemurs. The surrounding waters conceal exceptional seabed, made up of multicolored fish, whales, turtles and corals of innumerable colors. On the beautiful beaches of Nosy Ankao, stand the 14 private villas of the ultra-luxury eco-lodge of MIAVANA, which is celebrating its second year of opening this year. Nestled in a heavenly sanctuary, this destination is as secluded as it is luxurious. Ecological restoration of the island is at the heart of its activities. Scuba diving, whale watching, helicopter excursion around the archipelago, relaxation ... There is no shortage of activities on Nosy Ankao.

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