Crowned Lemur

Crowned Lemur Eulemur coronatus of Madagascar

DISTRIBUTION: The most northerly of Madagascar’s lemurs, almost reaching Cap d’Ambre at the island’s northern tip. Uses both moist and dry forest, including degraded forest.
ID: Male is rufous-grey, and female pale grey. Both show a diagnostic crown patch, which is black in the male and rufous in the female.
VOICE: Gives a distressed squeal, very similar to that of Black Lemur.
BEHAVIOUR: Much like other Eulemur species. Found in small groups up to about 15 individuals. Often associates with Sanford’s Brown Lemur (page 46). Eats mainly fruit, and is active both day and night. Young are born between mid-September and October
WHERE TO SEE: Fairly common and conspicuous in Amber Mountain and Ankarana NPs. Often around the camping sites in both national parks.


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