Tsaranoro Massif

Located in the Highlands, in the Andringitra National Park, the Tsaranoro massif forms a gigantic border between the country Betsileo and Bara, in the south-east of Madagascar. Beautiful tourist site with almost picturesque landscape, the Tsaranoro massif is the most popular place for climbing enthusiasts. Before tackling this huge block of granite, it is a superb hike in the Tsaranoro Valley that awaits travelers in search of wide open spaces. A few kilometers from Fianarantsoa, ​​the Tsaranoro Valley is like a vast desert landscape lined with tall dry grasses and small bushes, contrasting with the yellow and black mountain of Tsaranoro.

During your incredible trek in the heart of the Tsaranoro Valley, you can cross the road of the famous lemur Catta, small lemur emblematic of Madagascar with a long black and white tail. You will see, in the distance, the Chameleon peak, watching solitary on the valley at more than 1,540 meters of altitude. As you enter the sacred forest, you will come across small blocks of granite that will undoubtedly entertain little budding climbers.

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