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Travel agency in madagascar. Ankarana would have been used as a refuge by the Antakarana people. A cave of the Ankarana served as tomb for the Antakarana Kings. The Ankarana National Park is located in the DIANA region in the Ambilobe district. 04 peripheral rural municipalities: Marivorahona, Antsaravibe, Anivorano-Nord and Ambondrona.

Flora of Ankarana

At least three hundred and thirty (330) species in seventy seven (77) families. Most trees bear deciduous leaves and many bloom from September to November.

Wildlife of Ankarana

Fifty (50) species of molluscs and a large number of tsingy snails
Half of Madagascar’s bat species, fourteen (14) species
Sixty (60) species of reptiles and amphibians
Eleven (11) species of lemurs
Sixty (60) species of reptiles and amphibians
Ninety-six (96) species of birds

Landscape of Ankarana

Landscape composed of a spectacular Tsingy expanse in a dense deciduous dry forest formation.

How to go there?

Travel to madagascar from RN4 to Ambondromamy (410Km), turn right on the RN6 to Ambilobe (609Km), continue until the village of Mahamasina (entrance to the Park) located 29 km from Antsiranana.

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