Travel to Madagascar “Lokobe”

Travel madagascar with visiting the Lokobe national park. Lokobe is one of the few localities in Madagascar where the original Sambirano forest still exists. The forest of Lokobe is the unique remaining forest of the island of Nosy-Be. The Eulemur macaco is the park’s flagship species. Similarly for the coral reef, in the Lokobe Marine Park.


04 species of palms are present, one of which is endemic to Lokobe Dypsis ampasindavae (kindro) of the Arecaceae family. Dominance of the species of Dyospiros clusiifolia, Grangeria porosa, Canarium madagascariense and Parkia madagascariensis in the forest on slope. Important species of Uapaca louveli in the forest on Crete.


37 species of which 3 species of insectivores, 5 species of Rodentes, 16 species of Chiroptera, 4 species of carnivores, 11 species of primates, 1 species of Ungulates, 103 species of birds, 84 species of reptiles, Amphibians and 112 species of Rhopalocerans

How to go there?

Travel in madagascar from Antananarivo, take the RN4 from Antananarivo to Ambondromamy (410Km), then continue on the RN6 of Ambondromamy for Ambanja (510Km), junction at Ambalavelona (7Km from Ambanja on the RN6) Ankify. Then take a speedboat to the port of Hell-Ville (duration of the crossing: 45 minutes). From Hell-Ville to Lokobe, drive for 7km.

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