The Best Madagascar Luxury Safari & Tour Package in 2022/2023

Discover the delights the Madagascar with HT Agency Tours Luxury safaris.

If you are looking for luxury then Madagascar luxury safari is your oyster and where to find its pearls is up to you. For relaxing beach bliss, cocktails and massages, look no further than the luxury lodges around Nosy Be, Mahajanga and Antsiranana. If you are fascinated by the unique fauna and flora of Madagascar, you will find that almost every national park nearby has at least one exclusive resort. There are private bungalows that overlook sculpted scurvy “forests” and luxurious campgrounds with seemingly prehistoric mountain views. 




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In addition, there are French villas, plank-lined jungle gems, and even a few contemporary designer hideaways tucked away in secluded coves. For luxury and seclusion with a sophisticated flair, there are some superb hidden gems around St. Augustine’s Bay as well as along the beaches north of Mahajanga.

Private Jet offering class and comfort

1. Why go for a luxury safari in Madagascar


Adventure lovers and unique wildlife will love Madagascar. It is ideal for travelers who want to go outside and get out of their car. The island offers a variety of hiking options, from rocky arid landscapes to dense rainforests, kayaking and canoeing through mangrove forests, and more. The island is best seen and explored through hands-on activities that keep you moving.


Madagascar is also a unique destination for wildlife lovers who don’t mind missing out on the big game of mainland Africa. You won’t find wildebeest and lions here, but you’ll find a biodiversity hotspot with animals found nowhere else on the planet. In particular, for travelers who want to see lemurs, Madagascar is the best choice.


2. Highlights on a luxury safari in Madagascar


Few places in the world are as diverse and exotic as Madagascar. With its incredible wildlife, unique flora and stunning natural landscapes, this is a dream destination that offers a luxury experience like no other. Choose somewhere remote and intimate, and you’re more likely to get coral reefs, creaky white sand beaches, private pirogue cruises, and enchanting forest trails. Or why not charter a catamaran with a personal chef and let yourself go on a beach picnic where there is not a soul around for miles. Madagascar, as a growing luxury destination, offers customized itineraries. Your greatest indulgence here is freedom of choice.


3. Travel tips on Madagascar Luxury tours


You need to book in advance if you plan to travel during peak season (June to September). Despite slow growth, the number of exclusive hotels and lodges in Madagascar is still relatively low and they tend to fill up quickly. Plain your tours with Madagascar Luxury tours. If you are traveling for more than a week (recommended for such a large and varied island), ask for multiple itinerary options from your hotel or tour operator. Many have fantastic “beach and bush” options with partnership deals that mean fewer hassles and often discounts. Some upmarket and boutique hotels offer fly-in packages that are great for maximizing your vacation time and eliminating the chance of a disappointing transfer.


Almost all major hotels and luxury lodges accept credit cards (very few accept American Express), but it’s a good idea to bring some local cash for tips and souvenirs.


4. Luxury lodges in Madagascar for a Madagascar Luxury safaris


Madagascar: Luxury and private safaris. If luxury is high on your list, Madagascar might be the best option. While there are quite a number of luxury lodges in the country, accommodation tends to be fairly basic – clean and comfortable.

Madagascar Activities: Active holidays. Many outdoor activities in Madagascar are carried out outside the car: hiking, night walks, cycling, kayaking and so on. Travelers with reduced mobility should consider this when choosing Madagascar as their destination. In addition, bumpy roads will not be comfortable for those who suffer from back pain. However, some hotels can help travelers with mobility issues and provide a great experience (including the chance to see lemurs). These select properties are some of the most prestigious properties in the country that can only be accessed by charter.


5. Madagascar beaches


Isalo National Park boasts beautiful hilly and rocky landscapes offering plenty of hiking opportunities. Beyond that, we love the Madagascar Classic Collection camps and areas. Mandrare River Camp is a safari-style camp through and through with proper campgrounds and the fully inclusive lifestyle that safari lovers have become accustomed to. The spiny forest, the Anoni salt lake, the opportunity for cultural interaction and the incredible diversity of wildlife make this place unique. Its sister camp, Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge, offers great birdwatching and rainforest viewing opportunities on a stunning stretch of private beach.


Head north to see even more of the incredible biodiversity found in parks like Ankarana and Montagne d’Ambre. Anjajavy (Relais & Chateaux), located in the northwest, offers many experiences in its beach setting, including wildlife encounters, exploration of diverse nearby landscapes, and cultural interaction.


Beautiful Beaches in Madagascar

Finally, near the northern tip of Madagascar, you will find the famous Nosy Be archipelago, home too many magnificent islands and some of the country’s most luxurious lodges. This beachfront destination would be the perfect end to a wildlife oriented itinerary for those looking for incredible snorkeling opportunities or just a little bit of rest and relaxation.




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