Zombitse Vohibasia

The complex Zombitse Vohibasia is famous for its richness in species of rare birds, endemic to Madagascar and / or the area. The park is part of the Endemic Bird Area No. 093 from World Bank 1992. It also has 08 species of lemurs, some of which are near-threatened, such as Phaner furcifer pallescens.
This Protected Area has “exceptional biodiversity”
Due to its rich biodiversity, the Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is a research area par excellence. It constitutes a living laboratory if one counts the type of research that can be carried out there

The flora of Zombitse Vohibasia

02 species of didieraceae typical of this region; Various species of baobabs such as the dwarf baobabs, the baobabs of Grandidier; Dominance of Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Apocynaceae.

Wildlife of Zombitse Vohibasia

The Zombitse Vohibasia National Park is home to endemic faunal species, with some 60 species of birds, 47% endemic to Madagascar, 24% endemic to the Malagasy region and a local endemic species – Phylastrephus apperti, endemic lacertilians and vulnerable species. Ispidina madagascariensis was recorded in the Zombitse forest. It is the only protected area sheltering Phelsuma standingi and Phyllastrephus apperti. There are also 08 species of lemurs, some of which are near-threatened, such as the Phaner furcifer pallescens



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