In the morning, depart for a visit to the The Forbes economic magazine has set a new ranking of tourist destinations 2019. The Big Island is again in the TOP 10 of the best countries most popular in 2019.

An unexplored planet
Madagascar is once again in the top 10 international tourist destinations in 2019. A coronation that came at the same time as the announcement of an American luxury travel organizer, Butterfield & Robinson. The latter has indeed programmed tailor-made circuits across the island
To describe Red Island, Forbes economic magazine echoed the statement of Butterfield & Robinson President and Chief Executive Officer Norman Howe. “The fourth largest island in the world is more like an unexplored planet than an uncontrolled element of your list.This wonderful world has so much biodiversity to discover, both in terms of natural beauty and unique terrain. Wildlife, with more than 90% of Madagascar’s endemic fauna, is unbeatable, “he said, confirming News Mada’s information.
Endemic flora and fauna
Before making his list, Forbes sought the advice of several high-end travel experts. They are based on the interests, as well as the expectations of their customers before making their choice. With its endemic flora and fauna, Madagascar has many assets to seduce tourists.
The Big Island has always been in the top of the best destinations in the world, these last three years. In 2017, the American daily New York Times ranked Madagascar among the 52 countries to visit. In the same year, Vogue fashion magazine also put the country in the Top 10 best destinations. In 2018, the French magazine Grazia classified the Red Island as an authentic destination and must for the holidays in 2019.heart of the rainforest of Ranomafana National Park, a typical reserved area belonging to the last forest corridor along the eastern part of the Big Island. Discovery of the wealth of endemic biodiversity of the region, such as rare species and lemurs seriously endangered, many species of rare and endemic plants used by the local population for traditional medicine … Hiking in the forest along a track along the trail. passage of the forest through a beautiful waterfall, meeting the rare species on the way. Return to the hotel for lunch after a long morning’s visit to the hot spring. Around 17:30, start of the guided night walk.


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