The best diving sites at the seabed in the north of Madagascar “Nosy Be”

Tavel in madagascar – Madagascar has various activities. Diving is one of the activities most chosen by tourists

Nosy Sakatia:

Nosy Sakatia is renowned for its beautiful diving sites, the undersea bottom is rich in coral and various colored fish. Diving is one of the activities most practiced by tourists. To be able to explore this site with great security, the island has a diving center with the necessary equipment.

Nosy Iranja:

After 2 hours from Nosy Be, you will reach Iranja. This region is made up of several impressive dive sites, each one of which is an underwater paradise. The brilliance of the white sand illuminates the bottom, the charms of its waters will seduce you, you will make nice encounters with turtles, trevallies and other fish that live from this fabulous place. The opportunity to see sharks is not uncommon, with luck you will see long-beaked dolphins.

Nosy Tanikely:

At 20 minutes from the beach of Ambatoloaka, Nosy Tanikely is the most frequented marine site of Nosy Be. The islet is a marine reserve that seduces practitioners from scuba diving and divers in formation. The seabed around the island is home to magnificent coral reefs that will delight beginners. A dive site ideal for meeting turtles with scales and colorful fish.

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