madagascar “Andasibe-Mantadia National Park”

“Andasibe-Mantadia National Park” is part of the province of the city of Toamasina, in the region of Alaotra-Mangoro. It is 1.5 km from Andasibe, 140 km from Antananarivo  (ex Tananarive) and 200 km from Tamatave. The surface of the area is 16,310 ha (Analamazaotra Special Reserve 810 ha, Mantandia National Park 15,500 ha), the climate is very humid, the average annual temperature is 18 ° C and the average annual rainfall is 1,700 mm spread over 210 ha days.
The park consists of 80% primary forests and 13% secondary forests, subject to the impact of human activity4.
The Special Reserve is dedicated to the protection of the largest Malagasy lemur: Indri Indri3. An orchid park is also open to the public. There is a hotel and 3 campsites in the park. When you travel in madagascar, and if you are fans of nature, do not miss to visit this park.

Abstract (Everything you will discover)

Mantadia park, beautiful dense rainforest with great biodiversity, exceptionally rich in amphibians and frogs, chameleon (Calumma parsonii) in Madagascar and 80 other species of reptiles, night guided walks to spot the lemurs mice, frogs and nocturnal reptiles, 14 species of lemurs (sifaka with diadem, gray hapalémur, with red belly lemur and aye-aye), 15 species of mammals, several Indri groups, famous for their own territorial calls, more than 100 species of birds, many of which are endemic in the park, visit the small park of Vakôna, Mitsinjo forest or the swamp of Torotorofotsy and not forget all beautiful souvenir shop selling crafts in nearby villages

How to go to Andasibe – mantadia National Park :

By the national road N°2, Antananarivo until Moramanga (110km), Moramanga until Andasibe (27km)

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