Descent the Tsiribihina

The Tsiribihina is one of Madagascar’s biggest rivers. It rises in the Makay hills and flows through most of the Menabe. Sailing down from Miandrivazo through Belo-sur- Tsiribihina is an original way to reach Morondava or the Bemaraha Tsingy. To do that, you can choose between motor-powered barges, safer and more comfortable, or canoes for the more adventurous. This way the trip may take 3 or 4 days. Throughout the trip you can see a wealth of water biodiversity from various fish or birds or caymans watching you from the river bank. Àt the Anosinampela waterfall, don’t miss the thick, unspoilt forest. Well organized by a local charity, visitors can enjoy : 3 natural pools where swimming is allowed, a karstic rock formation like the Tsingy, and vegetation where you can come across lemurs, of course…

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