Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur Varecia variegata of Madagascar

DISTRIBUTION: Lowland and middle-elevation rainforest in the east. Its range is patchy and fragmented.
ID: Large, long-tailed, black-and-white lemur. Similar in size and coloration to Indri, but that species has a very short tail.
VOICE: Extremely loud and distinctive: aggressive and almost agonized screaming, often given by a whole group in concert, and answered by neighbouring groups.
BEHAVIOUR: Generally found high in the canopy. Capable of tremendous leaps, but they often do not move much for long periods. Normally found in small groups. Feeds mainly on fruit, often hanging by its back legs to feed. Female gives birth to twins, which are placed in a nest when young. Ruffed lemurs seem to be unique among primates in this nesting behaviour.
WHERE TO SEE: Can usually be found in the Mantadia sector of Andasibe-Mantadia NP with some effort. Also in Ranomafana NP, where it can often be heard on the farther (southeastern) reaches of the main trail system, but is difficult to see due to the precipitous terrain..


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