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Wildlife includes undomesticated animal species. Wild specimens in captivity are also part of their common genetic heritage with natural settlement. On the conservation and management of wildlife conservation, exploitation and management of wildlife populations as well as the territory necessary for their maintenance with a view to ensuring in perpetuity the multiplication of species and the balance Without giving up the social benefits they provide. Human activity has become one of the key factors influencing the abundance and welfare of wildlife.
The island has a great variety of fauna and flora, which for the vast majority of species, does not find anywhere else (80 to 90% endemism).
As a consequence of its insularity, the fauna of Madagascar marks its difference. There are no large terrestrial mammals, as in Africa. The king of animals here is the lemur.
Among the inhabitants of forests, lakes and bushes are chameleons, geckos, torture, angonoka or sack turtle, crocodiles, snakes, frogs … On the side of small mammals, We note the endemic tenrecs, the very primitive insectivores, the fosa, a kind of small puma and finally the giant jumpers in the forest of Morondava.
The land of insects and butterflies.
Some huge spiders sometimes weave fantastic webs.
On the birds side, Madagascar is rather rich without being peak so far.
Among the inhabitants of the seas are jellyfish, sharks, fish, crustaceans, sea turtles and humpback whales.

we are your travel agency in madagascar

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We are your travel agency in madagascar

Climate and weather Madagascar :
There are two main seasons: the dry season (including the southern winter), from April to October, and the rainy season from November to March.

When to go to Madagascar?
The ideal season to see everything everywhere at the same time is the period between September and October.
The off-season from April to June is also a good time (but in April, we still suffer from the consequences of the rains on the tracks).

The Highlands (region of Tananarive):
The dry season lasts from April to October, with an austral winter season from June to August, very cool and windy, even downright icy at night and night. Plan a big wool! The rains are strong but short from mid-November to March and sometimes in June.

The West Coast:
It is the driest and sunniest coast of Madagascar. The south suffers a sun of lead almost all the year with some rains of low intensity from December to March. In Nosy Be (northwest), the dry season runs from May to October. From November to March, it is warmer, but there can be a lot of water suddenly.

East cost:
Two seasons, the rainy season, from December to April, and … the season when it rains, from June to August! Well, let’s say that the coast is under less rain during the months of May, September, October and November: the best periods to cover it. The most watered months are July and August.

The cyclone season:
Officially from mid-December to mid-April, but especially from January to March. If there are no cyclones every year and if they never touch the whole country at the same time, they are usually quite destructive. The east coast and the north and south tips are always the most affected. In the best case (no cyclone), it rains a lot, although it does not mean everywhere or all the time … It is often very beautiful on the west coast at this time.

We are your travel agency in madagascar