The suspension of flights between Reunion Island and Madagascar was a blow for Corsair. This decision of the Malagasy State, announced at the end of November 2017, forced the French company to put a cross definitively on the service between its base in Paris Orly and Antananarivo via La Réunion. His plane landed for the last time on Saturday, February 9th.

“This suspension, completely independent of its will, weakens the structure of the program of the company for the service of Madagascar, which can not be maintained in satisfactory economic conditions without the regional link. As a result, Corsair is forced to stop the line Madagascar from February 9, 2019, “said the Corsair in a statement issued November 8, 2018 announcing the suspension of the line.

Since April 9, 2017, the French company provides a weekly link between Saint Denis and Antananarivo. This operation allowed it to position itself well in the regional market in accordance with its policy of presence in the Indian Ocean region. The leaders of Corsair announce that this operation follows an authorization obtained from the Malagasy government in October 2016.

“Our ambition was to position two weekly Reunion / Antananarivo flights and bring in an additional 17,000 regional passengers a year,” another company statement said. But the Malagasy authorities have questioned the operation of this line by Corsair. “Corsair can no longer sell this destination,” said Beboarimisa Ralava, the former transport minister, in front of the press in December 2017.

For Air Madagascar, the results of the opening of this link by its competitor did not give the expected results. “After one season of operating, the additional tourist contribution of Reunion is below the target set. This traffic is opportunely supplemented by traffic from the Malagasy market, diverted mainly from Air Madagascar. Air Madagascar’s load factor has thus fallen to 29% in six months, compared to 53% previously, “said Air Austral’s partner in a statement in February 2018.

Corsair was present on the Malagasy sky since November 1996. 21 years later, she abandons the Madagascar destination. His Airbus A330-200 landed for the last time on the tarmac of Ivato airport on Saturday, February 9 and left the Malagasy soil on Sunday, February 10.

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